The Mines Rovers Football Club are currently contesting their 116th  home and away competition.

Formed in 1898, the club has a mighty tradition and colourful history, and is one of Australia’s oldest football clubs.

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Round 1 Thursday 29th March 2018 Boulder v MINES* -DDO
Round 2 Sunday 8th April 2018 MINES v Railways- DDO
Round 3 Sunday 15th April 2018 Kambalda v MINES- Kambalda Oval
Round 4
Saturday 21st April 2018 Kalgoorlie v MINES*- SRMO
Round 5 Saturday 28th April 2018 MINES BYE
Round 6- Rivalry Round

Saturday 5th May 2018 MINES v Boulder*- DDO
Round 7
Sunday 13th May 2018 Railways v MINES- SRMO
Round 8- BELT UP Sunday 20th May 2018 MINES v Kambalda- DDO
Round 9
Saturday 26th May 2018 MINES v Kalgoorlie*- DDO
Round 10
Talk to a Mate Round
Saturday 2nd June 2018- REUNION WEEKEND MINES v Boulder- DDO
Round 11 Saturday 9th June 2018 MINES BYE
Great Southern Carnival/Landmark Regional Game
Saturday 16th June 2018 GENERAL BYE
Round 12
Sunday 24th June 2018 MINES v Railways- DDO
Round 13- NAIDOC Round
Sunday 1st July 2018 Kambalda v MINES- Kambalda Oval
Landmark Saturday 7th July 2018 GENERAL BYE
Round 14- Gold Game Saturday 14th July 2018 MINES v Kalgoorlie- DDO
Round 15
Volunteer Recognition Round
Saturday 21st July 2018 MINES BYE
Round 16 Saturday 28th July 2018 Boulder v MINES- DDO
Round 17 Sunday 6th August 2018 Railways v MINES- SRMO
Round 18 Sunday 13th August 2018 Mines v Kambalda- Kambalda Oval
Round 19 Saturday 18th August 2018 Kalgoorlie v MINES- SRMO
Round 20 Saturday 25th August 2018 MINES BYE



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