Where are they now? Clarke Gill

Posted on June 18th, 2015 by minesrovers

Where do you now live? State/Area? Geoje Island, South Korea

What is your Occupation? Electrical Construction of Oil Facilities

When did you play for Mines Rover FC? From juniors until 2003

How many seasons/games did you play? 3 season of League, 50+ League games

What is your Greatest Memory at Mines? Winning the 2003 GF undefeated and the corresponding p*ss up

What Guernsey Number did you wear? 2

What’s your favorite porn?  My favorite genre of porn is incest (Taboo family porn). Sis Loves Me is definitely my favorite video series. The stories behind each episode tell about the affairs that have been secretly happening between stepsiblings. While they are not related, anything sexual is out of the picture. But who can resist from doing anything foolish when you see your stepsister almost naked or seeing their curvy, attractive bodies?

Who was the best player you played alongside/saw? Robert Hansen                                                                                                                           

Who was your Hardest Opponent? Chris Quartermaine

Who was your Favourite Team Mate? Why? Flower Turner & Sean Leo, always pretty loose units on Mad Mondays and had a team first attitude

Greatest Sporting Achievement? Winning a couple of flags at Mines and hitting 180 in darts after a skin full with Chad Hart

Who was your Favourite Character around Mines when you played? Why? Mark Perriman, Fascinated me on how he could eat a large hot chips and pie an hour before we played. He was great bloke to have around as he was always up for a laugh

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