Game Results Sunday 28th June against Kalgoorlie City

Posted on June 30th, 2015 by minesrovers

Game Results from Sunday 28th June against Kalgoorlie City Football Club

Mines 9.7-61 to Kalgoorlie 13.10-88
Goals- R Connor 5, D Close 2, J Vincenti, L Donaldson
Best- S Cooper, L Donaldson, J Donaldson, T Tolputt, S Hayden

Mines 7.6- 48 to Kalgoorlie 14.9-93
Goals- R Lynch 2, R Bourne Snr 2, R Fordham, A Taylor & L Gaukrodger
Best- J Littlewood, T Holmwood, S Needham, J Hinder & J Lennox

Mines 19.12- 126 to Kalgoorlie 8.5-53
Goals- L Nugent 7, D Fleay 3, S Laporta 2, C Bramley 2, R Bourne, A Cooper, R Honey, A Saylor & N Twomey
Best- L Nugent, B Dowrick, H Hutchenson, R Honey, J Delbridge

Next Game- Sunday 5th July vs Railways at Sir Richard Moore Oval. Colts 11am, Reserves 1pm & League 3pm

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