About the Mines Rovers Football Club

The Mines Rovers Football Club are currently contesting their 120th home and away competition. Formed in 1898, the club has a mighty tradition and colourful history, and is one of Australia’s oldest football clubs.

The history of Mines Rovers Football Club has been in contention for several generations but an extract from the Kalgoorlie Miner of Saturday April 1, 1899 brought light onto the facts;

A meeting was held on Thursday evening at Powells Hotel for the purpose of forming a football club. There was a large attendance, amongst those present being several prominent players.

Mr Pater occupied the chair.

It was decided, on the motion of Mr Collopy, seconded by Mr Moran that a club be formed and that it be called Mines Football Club.

The following officers were then elected: -
PATRON: Mines Managers Institute.
VICE PRESIDENTS: Strempel, Well, Buckley, Day, Ryan, Strempel, Wl, Buckley, Day, Ryan, Strempel, Wills, Moran, Rodda, Thomson, Kempto, Musto, Warrick, DeBaun, Cummins, Roberts, Jackson, Desmond, Hopkins, H. Grey, Burke, Lewis, Wilkie, Lischels, Fair, Chapman, A. Dunstan, Salmon, Morgan, Fischer, Hall, Erlich, Flynn, Gunn, A. Pater, Henry, A.G. & F.T. Knox, R. Homes & Co, Bosworth.
GENERAL COMMITTEE: Messrs Moran, Brown, Ryan, Lewis, Pater, Collopy, Hall.
ASSOCIATION DELEGATES: Messrs Parer, Collopy and secretary.
SECRETARY: Mr J. Tonkin.

Mr T. Williams moved and Mr Dover seconded, “That the delegates agitate for Sunday football.”

The colours of the club to be black and white and the members fee five shillings.

The following gentlemen promised trophies and donations: Messrs T. Powell five pounds five shillings and trophy; James Ryan three pounds three shillings; E. Jackson two pounds two shillings; W. Collopy one pound one shilling; W. Stuart one pound one shilling; R. Fischer gold medal; J. Tonkin gold medal; R. Hall gold medal.

The meeting closed with a vote of thanks to the chairman.

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