Game Results from Saturday 6th June

Mines 24.24-165 to Kambalda 1.1-7
Goals- R Connor 10, D Close 2, M Ashwin 2, E Hoyne 2, R Ashwin 2, D Ashwin, C Challis, J Donaldson, K McCormack, R Hicks, S Hayden…
Best- D Ashwin, R Connor, E Hoyne, T Tolputt & T James

Mines 8.15-63 to Kambalda 8.6-54
Goals- J Turner 2 (first goal of the game), J Lennox, M James, R Fordham, T Krakouer (Jetta), J Hansen & B Papalia
Best- J Turner, L Gaukrodger, C McCreed, J Hansen, A Green

Mines 16.13-109 to Kambalda 10.6-66
Goals- R Bourne 5, S LaPorta 3, S Dewar 2, S Turner 2, A Saylor 2, N Twomey, J Sambo
Best- S Dewar, B Dowrick, S Turner, J Delbridge & D Fleay

Next game Sunday 21st June against Boulder


2015 Major Raffle

Congratulations to our Ashes Raffle Winners

1st Prize Ticket Number #0194 Kristy and Kody Kelman. Have fun in England

Minor Prizes

Ticket Numbers
0247 Brendan McCormack
0705 Max & Heather
0695 Wendy Hunter
0131 Chanel March
0178 Jen Peterson
0103 Ian Dunstan

Thankyou to everyone who brought and sold Tickets

Past Coach Rod Sumner-

Where do you now live? State/Area? Shelley, Perth WA

What is your Occupation? Business Consultant

When did you play for Mines Rover FC? Coached Mines in 1995 & 1996

How many seasons/games did you play? Coached 32 games for 30 wins  

What is your Greatest Memory at Mines? Winning the 1996 Premiership- beating Boulder in their Centenary year after they spent thousands luring players to the club

Who was the best player you played alongside/saw? Best player I coached, hard to separate a few. Mick Garbin and Boof Turner were probably the most talented, Megs Hoycard was someone who hated losing and Alby McKenzie was also a ripper                                       

Who was your Hardest Opponent? Boulder

Who was your Favourite Team Mate? Why? Flash Gordon, could always be relied upon to have the latest mail on everything

Greatest Sporting Achievement? Going through Undefeated in 1995 and shotting 74 at Melville Glades

Who was your Favourite Character around Mines when you played? Why? There were many, Frosty Martin, Strizza, Bobby Foster, John Brown- but probably Flower Turner who could always turn a serious situation into something funny with his quick wit.

Mines 18.11-119 to Railways 4.11-35
Goals- Z Stewart 6, R Connor 6, C Bramley 3, L Donaldson 2 & D Stevens

Mines 12.4- 76 to Railways 13.5- 83
Goals: R Connor 6, L Stewart 2, J Cable, S Berry, S Needham & J Sambo

Mines 5.13-43 to Railways 6.14-50
Goals: A Taylor, S La Porta, A Cooper, K Giblett & D Fleay

Bye Weekend this week. Next Game Saturday 6th June vs Kambalda in Kambalda (Day Game)


100 Club Results

Results of 100 club Saturday 23rd May

15 Jeff Delbridge
9    Garry Eddy
26. Brett Turner
23. Ron Moriarty

Thankyou to everyone who attended


Where are they now?

 The Diorites of the Old Days

 Past Players Name: Edward “Frosty” Martin

Where do you now live? State/Area? Kalgoorlie WA

What is your Occupation? Retired

When did you play for Mines Rover FC? 1964- Juniors & Seniors 10 years and then 10-12 years as Property Man with my Dad, also on the committee

How many seasons/games did you play? About 50- Juniors & B Grade

What is your Greatest Memory at Mines? Winning Premierships and getting to celebrate on the back of the truck around to the pubs in town. Receiving Life Membership

What Guernsey Number did you wear? 40

Who was the best player you played alongside/saw? Alan Kennedy                                                                                                                           

Who was your Hardest Opponent? The Bench

Who was your Favourite Team Mate? Why? Ron “Strizza” Moriarty, first aid man

Greatest Sporting Achievement? Receiving Life Membership at Mines Rovers & Lake View Cricket Club

Who was your Favourite Character around Mines when you played? Why? Greg Sortras, Yessssssssahhhhhhhh

Results from Saturday 16th May

Mines 4.8-32 to Kalgoorlie 11.14- 80
Goals- M Ashwin, T Tolputt, D Ashwin & D Close
Best- Nil

Mines 11.4-70 to Kalgoorlie 10.8-68
Goals- M James 7, C Lynch 2, D Braham & S Needham
Best- P Tully, M James, J Littlewood, J Hinder & A Cooper

Mines 18.11- 119 to Kalgoorlie 9.4- 58
Goals- S Laporta 5, Z Stewart 3, R Bourne 2, A Saylor 2, S Dewar 2, D Fleay 2, H Hutcheson, S Turner
Best- S Dewar, S Turner, S La Porta, R Bourne & D Fleay

Next game Sunday 24th May vs Railways at Digger Daws Oval

Saturday 23rd May- 100 Club from 1pm. Get down to support the club

Saturday 6th June- Major Raffle draw. Sell, Sell, Sell those tickets for someone to win a great prize, trip for 2 to England for the Ashes series. Only $100 a ticket for your chance to win. Please try to get your books back in to Tanya or Nardia ASAP. If you would like to buy a ticket contact Tanya 0409 379 804.

Sunday 7th June- Mines Race Day at the KBRC. Tickets will be on sale Thursday night at the club.

Mines Raffle

If you would like a ticket contact Tanya Boyd 0409 379 804.

Full Results from Saturday 9th May against Boulder

Colts Mines 24.16-160 to Boulder 5.2-32
Goals- R Connor 6, D Close 3, J Sambo 3, B Dowrick 2, D Stevens 2, B Indich 2, T Trott, T James, B Gadd, D Ashwin, K McCormack, C Bramley
Best- B Dowrick, C Bramley, B Gadd, J Vincenti, J Sambo

Reserves- Mines 7.8- 50 to Boulder 8.9-57
Goals- M James 2, J Hansen, P Tully, T Trott, M Cowled, J Sambo
Best- J Boyd, J Hansen, M Johnstone, P Tully & J Littlewood

League- Mines 10.9-69 to Boulder 10.13- 73
Goals- S Laporta 5, D Fleay 2, R Bourne, D Stevens, L Nugent
Best- J Delbridge, S Dewar, C Mitchell, K Giblett & S La Porta

Next Game, Saturday 16th May against Kangas at Sir Richard Moore. Colts 2pm, Reserves 4pm and League 6pm.